The Art of the Roundup

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As bloggers, we develop our own voices and posting styles… and sometimes end up in a rut, or simply have a dry spell.

Introducing different types of posts to your blog reinvigorates your muse and your readership. One great post to have in your toolbox is the roundup — a collection of links to other posts and sites you recommend.

Why write a roundup?

Most of us blog because we enjoy creating and sharing original posts. Roundup posts don’t undermine that, they complement it. When you choose links to share with your readers, you’re not just sharing links. You’re introducing other perspectives, highlighting topics you think are important, providing context for all the original content you do create, and telling your readers more about you. The things you choose to share give us insight into what makes you tick.

Maria PopovaDave Pell, and Jason Kottke make a living by…

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Happy Guy Fawkes Night!! Top Ten Fireworks

It’s the time of year again for the UK, as we celebrate the foiling of a plan by Guy Fawkes to blow up the houses of parliament (probably many would have preferred it to have been blown up, with today’s politicians inside!) But, it’s a magical night of the year; as we expect to see some magnificent colors in the sky! But here are the top ten fireworks:

Firework number 10: The Waterfall

After the rocket breaks, it leaves behind a trail of burning stars giving a waterfall affect! A spectacular and awesome show! Who would not want to see the waterfall?

Firework number 9: Multi-break Shells

Rockets that go bang and leaving shells which then explode! A stunning sequence of different colors, which is similar to the bouquet shell or if the shells are smaller it can be referred to as “Thousands”. Typically used in Japan.

Firework Number 8: Screaming Spider

Known for their ‘screaming’ high pitch noises, the rocket with its burning tail, and travelling in straight lines creating the effect of spider legs. Very impressive display, ranked at number 8 in the Nick List of top fireworks chart.

Firework number 7. Palm 

Giving the effect of a palm tree, the launched comet starts burst with their large arms; and some even catering the tree trunk too by featuring a thick rising tail displayed when the shell ascends. Definitely cannot be missed!

Firework number 6. Falling leaf

A mine shaped explosion which then falls to the ground; a very awesome sight!

Firework number 5. The Fish!

Like having the ocean projected to the sky! What an amazing art in rockets to be able to create this!

Firework number 4. Mine 

Mines are pinned to the ground; which then expels stars and colors straight above! Many patterns and wall effects can be created.

Firework number 3. Farfalle

Giving the Italian butterfly affect; perfect for attracting the wow factor!

Firework number 2. Peony 

The most common shell firework; notable for its spherical break of stars and colors.

Firework number 1: Tourbillion 

THE WINNER!! Very sophisticated and impressive; as it ascends and rotates at the same time!!

I hope you all have a fantastic fireworks night, and be safe!!

Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition

It’s 4 years previous to the disaster at Isla Nublar; as John makes his first attempt at running a theme part from the first island Isla Sorna! A bloodbath to extreme, will the island inhabitants manage to escape alive?

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Jurassic World

Going to be set 22 years later from the original story; with a full functioning theme park, but a new attraction is set to backfire?! Anyone know what?! Am looking forward to this revamp in the series, as there’s only so many times the old cast can go back and get stuck in the island.. It would start getting ridiculous! But as a childhood favorite I’m looking forward to seeing this!