Space Sharks

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Space Sharks: A quick FAQ! 

What is a Space Shark?

Space Sharks, or their scientific name – A. Loonaradon, are astral counter-parts to the Great Whites Sharks. Evolution allowed them living in space conditions, enabling to breathe and swim through the space vacuum, and causing mayhem all through the cosmos! Measuring at 80 ft long, these menacing space creatures are near the top of the food chain for astral-animals.

Has a Space Shark been spotted?

Only far off in the future, when our race has colonized the solar system; still running a capitalist industry. To find out more on their clashes with the troublesome space fish – look here

Are Space Sharks friendly?


Are Space Sharks on the endangered species list?

Nope. More than likely on theirs..

What is the Wow! Signal?

An unknown signal picked up by Jerry R. Rehman on August 15th, 1977. It was found on the hydrogen line, the most common element in the universe, and reserved only for astronomers. After a while it was later acknowledged that it being earth-based was unrealistic due to being in the protective spectrum.

Did a Space Shark cause the Wow Signal?

The cause is still debated to this day.. But after a lot of questions and investigating.. This is what I think happened.. Read now!!

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A Shudder From Heaven, by Danny Kemp

Space Tourism Isn’t Worth Dying For: A Rebuttal

Should we be rushing into space tourism?


The Space Ship 2 Disaster is bringing out the worst in journalism.  In this latest article in Wired magazine an attempt is made to separate exploration in space from what the writer considers to be the crass commercial aspect of the Virgin Galactic Space Ship 2 and from what he considers legitimate space exploration.  It is clear that the writer does not understand that Richard Branson has what we call in the space business a roadmap to more ambitious and practical human spaceflight applications (Replace the Pan Am Logo in the movie 2001 with the Virgin Logo).  He also does not even consider the other aspect which is the effect on those who take these trips to inspire and fire their own visions to support future space enterprises.  As one who does this day by day, our biggest problem is money, and government money is not the way to lead…

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The Art of the Roundup

Very inspirational article, thank you!

The Daily Post

As bloggers, we develop our own voices and posting styles… and sometimes end up in a rut, or simply have a dry spell.

Introducing different types of posts to your blog reinvigorates your muse and your readership. One great post to have in your toolbox is the roundup — a collection of links to other posts and sites you recommend.

Why write a roundup?

Most of us blog because we enjoy creating and sharing original posts. Roundup posts don’t undermine that, they complement it. When you choose links to share with your readers, you’re not just sharing links. You’re introducing other perspectives, highlighting topics you think are important, providing context for all the original content you do create, and telling your readers more about you. The things you choose to share give us insight into what makes you tick.

Maria PopovaDave Pell, and Jason Kottke make a living by…

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